Comodo Mobile Security – انتی ویروس کومودو اندروید

Comodo Mobile Security – انتی ویروس کومودو اندروید همانگونه که مستحضريد تامين امنيت در دنياي امروزي به عنوان يکي از اصلي ترين موارد در سيستم هاي رايانه اي و تلفن هاي همراه مطرح مي باشد و براي جلوگيري از ورود ويروس ها و ابزارهاي مخرب به سيستم مي بايستي حداقل يک آنتي ويروس برروي آن نصب باشد. نرم افزارهاي آنتي ويروس مختلفي وجود دارند که هرکدام داراي کاربران مخصوص به خود هستند و پس از معرفي چندين آنتي ويروس امروز قصد معرفي انتي ويروس و فايروال قدرتمند Comodo Mobile Security را براي سيستم عامل اندرويد داريم . Comodo به صورت همه جانبه اسمارت فون شما را زير ذره بين مي گيرد و از لو رفتن اطلاعات شما جلوگيري به عمل مي آورد. با نصب بودن اين آنتي ويروس از بابت تهديدات مختلف اينترنتي خيالتان راحت باشد ، چرا که فايروال قدرتمند کومودو همه ي تهديدات را بلوکه مي کند .

با اين برنامه شما قادر خواهيد بود به راحتي تماس هاي مزاحم و پيام هاي متني اسپم را فيلتر کنيد و با توجه به کلمات کليدي خاص پيام هاي مختلف را بلاک کنيد. ضد سرقت کومودو به شما اين امکان را مي دهد که در صورت دزديده شدن و يا مفقود شدن گوشيتان به راحتي تمام داده ها را حذف کنيد و يا گوشي خود را توسط نقشه هاي مختلف رديابي و پيدا کنيد.

Advanced Protection for your mobile device. The best free Antivirus
Mobile Security
Always-on protection against known and emerging threats.
Find My Phone – Anti Theft
Comodo Anti Theft allow locates lost devices and helps you keep your device and the data inside it safe and secure.
App Lock
Protect Your Privacy with app lock.
Always be sure your data are safe.
Anti Virus
“Always on” antivirus and an on-demand scanner help keep your device clear of viruses and unsafe apps. One touch scans and scheduled scans are provided as well as a system “SCAN” feature that quickly identifies viruses, unsafe apps and potentially risky settings.
Real Time Protection – Mobile Security Scan installed apps and local APK files in real time and also monitor each installation process.
Cloud Scan – Over-the-air protection from viruses.
SD Card Scan – Scan external SD cards thoroughly to detect and delete threats.
Schedule Scan – Automatic scans at regular intervals

Find My Phone – Anti Theft
Where is my Phone? – Don’t worry about your phone even if it’s lost or stolen. You can control your devices remotely from any place, any time. Manage all your device with your own acount.
All Device In One Acount You can manage all your devices in one acount.
Web Interface – Access your devices any time to make sure your personal data are secure
G+ Sign In– You can register with G+ acount.
Mobile Map– Track your all your devices on Mobile Map
Activity Log– Monitor device activity it is allowing you to when your device last online
Uninstall Protection -Activating “Device Administrator” – unable to uninstall who don’t know Anti Theft acount password.
Remote Command – You can log-in Anti Theft system and control your device remotely
•Remote Locate – Track your device on map
•Remote Lock – Lock your device, post a custom message
•Remote Alarm – Your device sound an alarm at the highest volume even if it is Silent mode
•Remote Wipe – Erase your personal data from your device To keep your private data safe
•Remote Take a Picture – Let you know who get your device
Find Device Owner – An easy way to find device owner. You can customize lock screen message. Such as: “Please contact with me: own email adress”
Guest Mode– Easy way to Track Your Device. You can login with any smartphone or tablet via Guest Login.
App Lock
How to Lock Lock photos, gallery and messages? It is helping protect from prying eyes and nosy friends. Prevent your children from buying unwanted apps/games with applock.
Easy Lock & Unlock – Create a unuque Pattern to Lock & Unlock apps.
Manage App List – You can set application list from A-Z or Locked Apps at the top of list.
Reset Pattern– Once you touch Forget Password? You will receive Security Code for Reset your password.
Switch On/Off– Quick switch button on status bar allow you to Manage your privacy when you need it.
Search App-Find your application as much as faster with search button

Backup and restore tool help you to your contacts and sms. You will never lose your data again!
Storage Dashboard– Monitor device storage.
Offline Backup – No required any connection. Contacts and sms will be save internally.
BACK UP All– One Click to backup all personal information easly.
Self Service– You can select your contacts and sms one by one or all of them.


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